An automatic process using a combination of speed controlled nylon machined wheels and a fine flame power torch. 


The brass case annealing machine is used to refurbish your brass cases prior to your reloading process. It will restore the brass necks to a new like condition, extending the life of your brass cases. 


Extend case life and savings. 

Reducing the need to buy additional brass. 

An essential addition to your reloading supplies. 


Brass Case Annealing Machine (Standard Wheels)


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Brass Case Annealing Machine. 

Includes- Annealing Machine complete with flame torch, extension hose, UK socket 12v DC power supply and fitted with standard load wheels (rifle size .223 to 30-06). Approximately 12mm wide cases. 


Roger, Chelmsford.

Extremely pleased with this annealing machine. It’s easy to use and so fast. I literally did a hundred cases in about five minutes. 

Gavin, Newcastle.

Really impressed with my annealer.

Already done loads of .223’s and .303’s and it absolutely zips though them. I’ll have to get some short wheels for my .357’s too.