If we’ve missed a question, please ask us! 

Q: How do I control the annealer?

A: There is an on/off switch on the front of the unit and a speed controller on the rear. 

Q: How does the gas connect?

A: You attach the torch to the unit via the mount then attach the supplied hose to the rear of the torch. The other end of the hose simply screws onto the gas bottle.

Q: What cases can I anneal?

A: Mostly any size. The small wheels are for pistol cases .357/.38 size. The standard are for 223 to .30-06 cases and the larger are for .45-70, .338 and custom sizes. 

Q: How easy is it to change the load wheel?

A: Very easy, a couple of screws and you can swop them over in seconds.

Q: What position do the wheel grooves need to be set too?

A: The top load wheel groove should be positioned to 4 o clock and the lower wheel groove to the 12 o clock position. 

Q: How do I adjust the flame torch?

A: The angle is controlled via a simple grubscrew under the torch mount. The distance can be adjusted via the ‘C’ clamp grub screw. 

Q: Why are my load wheels melting?

A: This can be one or many reasons. Angle the flame away from the load wheels and not across, the load wheels need moving further back, the flame is too far down the brass case or the brass is being over heated. 

Q: How do I adjust the wheel position to give clearance from the top guides?

A: Loosen the two rear wing bolts will give you a range of movement to position the wheels closer or further away from the top guides. 

Q: How do I adjust the wheels for longer cases?

A: Loosen the screw in the side of the wheels and slide them further out on the shaft. Remember to reset the groove positions.  

Q: What gas do I use?

A: Rothenberger Propane Gas Cylinder 400gms or similar.